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Lumbar Massager Abdominal Back Waist Body Massage

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1.Apply the gel to the skin (back waist or abdomen)2.Press and pull open the belt, tie it around your waist or abdomen, and make sure it sticks to the skin.3.Turn on the power button(press and hold until it lights up).4.Turn on the power button of the remote control(press once until it lights up).5.Right 'O' or 'M' key to switch massage mode.6.'+'or '-'key to adjust the intensity.7.The wave-shaped button on the left adjusts the heat.*Note:Be sure to turn on the main body of the massager first, and then turn on the remote control.

If you're tired, use KEEPFIT.

Portable waist massagerMulti-purpose X Healthy timesMultiple massage modes-Area Massage-EMS electrotherapy-Red light therapy-5 seconds fast heat-Strength adjustable-Small portable